1. Things I’m listening to today,

    Judas - Gaga

    Gold Digger - Kanye

    Sideways - Dierks Bentley

    Reckless Abandon - Blink 182

    Born This Way - Gaga

    Blow - Ke$ha

  2. proudmurry:



    This is really hilarious. So many beautiful soundbites. 

    “Judas” has 88 plays on iTunes and probably 25 more on my iPhone, so whoops. 

    When she started crying, I started crying.



    “Everybody knows JUDAS is another name for JESUS”

    This is the funnies thing i’ve watched in awhile. Goodness,

  3. Kianna and I at Gaga.

    Kianna and I at Gaga.

  4. March 23rd 2011

    Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. It was an…interesting birthday. It stared off really great, and It was a really great birthday but in an unusual way. I passed out in the crowd halfway through the concert. 

    I was dehydrated, and the combination of the heat and being very crowded added to it. About halfway through the show, I stared feeling a little strange, my body went numb and I began to shake, and I couldn’t feel my legs and I began to sway back and forth. I turned to Kianna who was next to me, and I told her I thought I was going to pass out. The last thing I can remember is her saying, “What do you want to do? Do you want to get out of here?” and then it was black. I didn’t know where I was and couldn’t feel my body, I couldn’t see, I don’t remember falling or being on the floor. The music sounded distant, and then I heard Kianna yell at the two women who became our Gaga Family, to get me some water. I felt water on my face and I opened my eyes, they picked me up and lifted me over the rail to a waiting security guard. I was then whisked back into a wheelchair and taken backstage to the medical tent. I was crying and shaking because I was so frightened, nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I was asked multiple times if I had been on any drugs or had drank any alcohol, which I replied no. I downed 2 water bottles, and had some food they had backstage. 

    As I was back there, one of the security guards listened to his ear piece where he got a call, he said, “Yes, we don’t know what happened, Ok, yeah, I’ll let you know”. He then informed another one of the many people that Gaga saw me faint, and wanted to make sure I was alright. I later was told by a few people that on stage gaga asked If I was ok. But I don’t remember. My little sister who was on the upper level saw me getting taken over the rail, but she didn’t know it was me, she thought it was someone trying to run on stage. 

    I’m alright now, but I will always remember to drink lots of water when I know i’ll be in a big crowd. I also feel an extreme amount of sadness, I made Kianna and I miss the last half of the show that we had been looking forward to. I could hear the music from backstage, but It wasn’t really the same.  Now listening to Lady Gaga on my ipod makes me feel sad I missed it. But i’m very glad she was there, she caught me when I fell, and if she wasn’t there to catch me, I could have been stepped on, or have hit my head. I wish there was some way to make it up and go back and see the rest of the show. My first act as an 18 year old was signing my medical wavers. But the show I did see blew my mind. First seeing her up close will forever be a memorable moment I won’t forget. She’s such a beautiful, graceful, gracious, and empowering woman.

  5. The gaga shirt that Kianna got me for christmas, THERE IS GLITTER FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

    The gaga shirt that Kianna got me for christmas, THERE IS GLITTER FUCKING EVERYWHERE.

  6. Album Art


    Born This Way — Lady Gaga.

    Yeah, this song.


    Born This Way
    Lady Gaga
    Born This Way
  7. I laughed so hard seeing Fin as gaga. I <3 it.

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